Introducing, Kelly Enochson, The Data Scientist!

Introducing, Kelly Enochson, The Data Scientist!

Posted on 07/27/2016

Kelly is one of our phenomenal team members of the Rosoka team! Read and enjoy! Feel free to Tweet @RosokaExtract if you have any questions! 

What hobbies do you enjoy outside of work? 

 In my free time I do Bikram and Ashtanga yoga. I also enjoy cooking. I'm a vegetarian and I love finding creative ways to make meatless dishes.

Do you have any pets? 

 I have two cats. One is an evil gray cat named Tashkent. She hates everyone but me. The other is a super friendy orange cat named Manuel Antonio. He is best friends with everyone, including the mean gray cat, who does not return his affection.



What were some of your biggest challenges when you joined Rosoka Software?

 The biggest challenge was, and still is, gathering source material for all the languages we cover, especially low-resource languages.

What is your favorite thing about the Rosoka culture?

 Everyone in the Linguistics department has a great sense of humor. We all get along well and have a good time at work.

What career advice would you have for someone wanting to join the Rosoka team?

 Be willing to learn new things. No one will come into the job knowing everything they need to know. But if you're able and willing to figure things out, you'll be successful here.

Would you like to share a quote that inspires you in your professional or personal life?

 I have a yoga teacher who always says, "Don't think, just do." I try to remind myself of that when approaching something difficult or daunting.

What are you looking forward to in the future? Personally and professionally?

 When I started working at Rosoka, I was the company's fourth employee. Now we have 15. I'm looking forward to seeing Rosoka continue to grow.

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