Leadership Team

Gregory Roberts, Chief Executive Officer

Gregory Roberts was educated as a linguist, with over 20 years of corporate experience developing and selling language logistic and extraction software for organizations ranging from start-ups through multi-national corporations. Mr. Roberts holds a top secret clearance, and is a known expert in natural language software systems, knowledge management and data extraction systems. He is a dynamic speaker and leader, with the ability to coordinate both internal and external resources, along with the vision to guide the Company to achieve results.

Mr. Roberts has been a guest contributor across print and digital media. Discover his recent podcast on developing your network.

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Michael Sorah, Chief Technical Officer

Michael Sorah has been with IMT Holdings since 2008, provides over 30 years of corporate product development experience designing advanced software products and technologies for government contractors. Mr. Sorah was instrumental in the development of the Company’s multilingual extraction engine, geospatial locator, and manages the other developers. Mr. Sorah not only is responsible for product development at IMT, but also assists with developing solutions for customer issues, manages all network and communications systems, and provides technical support and advice to the other members of the management team.

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Samuel Sparks, Chief Financial Officer

Samuel Sparks brings a broad-based background with over 30 years of proven leadership as a CFO, Controller and Consultant for organizations ranging from startups through multibillion dollar international corporations. He has experience includes negotiating leases and agreements, coordinating corporate alignments or reorganizations, acquiring technology and organizations, obtaining debt and equity funding, and managing all accounting, financial and operational functions within an organization. Mr. Sparks has been assisting and advising Mr. Roberts and the Company since its incorporation in 2007, and became a full-time employee as of February, 2013.

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