natural language processing

5 Ways Rosoka Can Help Manage Your Brand and Boost Sales

Posted on 04/05/2016

International businesses have the added challenge of dealing with multiple languages and cultures while contending with enormous amounts of data. This can have a big impact on everything from advertising and marketing to hiring and management. If you’re struggling to manage your multilingual data, Rosoka can help.

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Using Big Data for Strategic Business Decisions: How Rosoka Helps Companies Identify the Right Markets at the Right Time

Posted on 09/08/2015

In order to maintain successful operations, you need to be there for your customers when they need you. Trying strategies to accommodate customers on a global scale can be overwhelming, requiring that you sift through mountains of data in multiple languages in an attempt to understand.

Rosoka’s natural language processing capabilities can help.

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Sentiment Analysis: Using Rosoka Extraction to Understand & Manage International Relations

Posted on 07/29/2015

With a ceaseless onslaught of intelligence data accumulating daily, including documents, social media postings, transcripts and more, government analysts and counter-terrorism experts struggle to find meaning and make connections. The Internet alone gives rise to thousands of social networks and other platforms for expression, written in hundreds of languages and local dialects. The ability to efficiently extract entities is critical, but understanding the opinions they hold is even more important.

That’s where sentiment analysis comes in.

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