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Rosoka Software offers solutions that provide the power to unlock large volumes of information from any multilingual source, determine the relevance and relationship of the data, and deliver value specific results on any platform, application or device. Rosoka NLP and Rosoka GeoGravy are the only NLP and geospatial solutions that are truly multilingual, with the ability to extract information from an unlimited volume of unstructured and semi-structured data from any text based source.

Our Natural Language Processing (NLP) provides much more than Named Entity Recognition. Our entity extraction provides additional information about the entity that was contained in the text, as well as extracting many other bits of important information.


Traditional NLP is based on the use of a well-developed collection of rules, regardless of whether the rules were created manually by an expert knowledge engineer or statistically through some example-based machine learning tool.

Multilingual Data

The current approach to information extraction is complex and challenging. Limitations:

  • Systems are limited. Most current solutions are limited to single language analysis which requires an application or module for each language.
  • Communications are challenging. New forms of communication like social media are complicating the model and increasing the sources of data.
  • Scaling is difficult. Scaling to multiple domains to produce statistically significant rules is not easy in any environment where you are managing large volumes of data.

A New Generation of NLP and Geospatial Analysis

A new approach to NLP is required to allow businesses and governments to meet the increasing challenges of managing Big Data. Rosoka easily unlocks multilingual data in a SINGLE application, allowing the user to quickly analyze large volumes of data from any kind of unstructured or semi-structured text based source. The Rosoka Software model features:

  • Multilingual Information Extraction – Natively supports over 230+ languages from any text based source.
  • Relationship Extraction Engine – Analyzes entity relationships, relevance and sentiments in a single application.
  • Robust Architecture – Supports integration and customization of applications and solutions.
  • Scalable Platform – Allows delivery of results on any device from mobile solutions to the desktop to the cloud.

The Rosoka Model

Source Data

The new generation of Natural Language Processing (NLP) requires an efficient solution that features specific capabilities, works with other enterprise software applications, and can be customized for a specific government, business or industry need.