Company History


Rosoka Software is an industry leader of text analytics solutions.  We are focused on helping organizations to automatically identify the important entities in unstructured text, such as people and places, as well as, where they are located, while conveying the sentiment and intent of what is being written in multiple languages.

Rosoka is committed to bringing the most value to organizations by providing the widest range of capabilities of any text analytics software on the market in one integrated solution.   Since our founding in 2007, Rosoka has supplied mission-critical solutions to the US Government, and is proud to be making text analytic solutions accessible to commercial clients with its launch of Rosoka Series 6.

Our truly multilingual platform is designed to support our full range of capabilities in over 200 languages without purchasing additional language packs. We identify the important identities and relationships that matter to you with over three dozen different entity types, as well as, over 500 different types of relationships out of the box. Rosoka's advanced linguistic algorithms distinguish between ambiguous terms and normalize them to one entity and then resolves multiple and various references to the same entity, so that you are presented with clear actionable insights. 

Rosoka Series 6 is at the forefront of sentiment analysis.  We determine if the content contains positive or negative sentiments, the author's perceived mood, the level of emotional control the text exerts on the reader, and how motivated the audience may be to react. This is critical information that organizations need to respond effectively to events and industry trends.

Rosoka goes further by offering Rosoka Studio which allows Subject Matter Experts to refine and modify the underlying lexicon through an intuitive interface without requiring preexisting programming knowledge or compiling new code.