GeoGravy is a geospatial tagging service and gazetteer. It is available as a stand-alone product or integrated with Rosoka Extraction and Rosoka Toolkit. GeoGravy not only looks up lat/lon information about places and facilities, but also provides information about the most likely geotag based on context. GeoGravy can convert geocoordinates from one format to another. GeoGravy supports the following formats:

  • DD – The Decimal Degrees system
  • DM – The Degrees Minutes system
  • DMS – The Degrees Minutes Seconds system
  • UTM – The Universal Transverse Mercator system
  • UPS- The Universal Polar Stereographic system
  • USNG – The united States Geographic Reference system
  • MAIDENHEAD – The Maidenhead Locator system
  • MGRS – The Military Grid Reference System