Multilingual Support

Rosoka Series 7 performs Language Identification and provides an English gloss for over 200 languages.  Our passion for the intricacies of language, has driven us to design a quality product that raises the bar.  We believe Natural Language Processing should understand the world it lives in.  That's why we include ALL of our multilingual processing abilities in ALL of our products.  There is no need to load separate dictionaries, or even know beforehand what language(s) are contained within your documents.  We'll not only tell you what languages are there, but we'll give you an English gloss to give you better insight for better decisions.


Rosoka's multilingual abilities are intelligent enough to not only span across various scripts, but also determine if you should see a transliteration or a gloss.

블라디미르 푸틴, will simply be transliterated to Vladimir Putin.

While an instance like, 溫家寶 will be transliterated to Wen Jia-Bao.

However, there may be cases when you don’t want a transliteration, but actual translations of the entity. With something like, “國務院”, it makes more sense to see Department of State rather than only a transliteration of guo wu yuan.