Global Commercial Industry

Rosoka Software is the only multilingual NLP that can manage large volumes of multilingual business data needed in today’s global economy. No need to purchase multiple language modules for each country or culture, simply integrate Rosoka into your data management solution and get the results you need. Rosoka and GeoGravy are completely compatible with all platforms, development languages, and devices.

Advertising and Branding 

Create a vision that emotes your brand. Achieve effective product promotions based on consumer sentiment. Use Predictive Analytics from real-time market data to reach consumers where they are.

“One of the challenges of Big Data is assessing what information is really worthwhile to marketers. The greatest percentage of respondents, 71% were interested in adding predictive analytics used for – figuring out who would be their best customer going forward, and perhaps even how best to target that customer.” published: First Quarter 2013 survey from CMO Council 

Financial Services 

Unstructured information can now be obtained from any document, irrespective of the language. This combined with readily available financial analysis tools provide up to the minute market information, unlimited by language barriers and including sentiment analysis and polarity. Predictive Analytics paint a picture of what could be.

Healthcare Management 

Big Data is becoming the most important new change in Healthcare management to improve quality control, maximize hospital resources, optimize hospital stays and reduce readmission occurrences.

”Through predictive analytics, health professionals can use population data to help individual patients.”  

CGI Initiatives, Leadership Magazine, Spring 2013

Human Capital Management 

On-boarding new talent is understood to be the highest cost for employers, yet within their means to control. Retain high-level talent with advance information and strategic hiring analytics, irrespective of the source language of the resume or application documents.

Multi-Channel Marketing 

Incorporate Social Media, including YouTube, and Twitter into your analysis, expanding the efficacy of data analytics to include current trends. Global e-commerce parameters are handled within a multilingual environment, less down time allows your team to evaluate strategy in real-time.


Pharmacovigilance and drug safety management is revealed within Aggregate Reporting Data. Now Adverse Events can be processed, extracting given values to achieve data outcomes for doctors, researchers and scientists. Influence Mapping, gives another dimension to branding. Mapping out these influence networks helping hospitals and Pharmaceuticals better serve their clients.