Rosoka Software is the industry's leading multilingual NLP that can manage large volumes of intelligence data, logistical information, and agency records and deliver results quickly in a single application. No need to purchase multiple language modules for each country or culture, simply integrate Rosoka into your data management solution and get the results you need. Rosoka and GeoGravy are completely compatible with all platforms, development languages, and devices.

  • Manage multilingual intelligence data
  • Manage legal documents for evidence
  • Discover potential security threats
  • Manage operations, assets, inventory, facilities
  • Human resources – personnel, applications, performance
  • Manage communications, press, elected officials

Managing global operations for government agencies and the military can be a vast and complex problem. Information is often coming from many sources all over the world in different languages, cultural nuances and disparate formats. Our Natural Language Processing Extraction software can help you manage these problems and deliver value specific results to the resources that need the information, when they need it.

Intelligence Agencies

Rosoka Software is designed to assist military and civilian intelligence agencies process, analyze, and present intelligence information gathered from all languages, cultures and sources. With Rosoka Software, you can design a solution that is specific to your intelligence needs and define entities and relationships that are important to your investigative needs.

Federal Agencies

Rosoka Software enables agencies to process information from multiple sources such as financial records, tax forms, intelligence data, personnel records and other business forms to develop a complete view and analysis of the information.

State and Local Governments

State and Local Government agencies have the same burdens as Federal Agencies, often with more limited budgets and access to large amounts of data. With Rosoka Software, you can have the same level of resources and specific results available to you based on the specific information requirements your department needs to do its job.

Foreign (non-US) Governments

Rosoka Software is designed to assist government agencies and bureaus regardless of nationality, language and culture. With our multilingual approach, Rosoka Software natively supports over 230 different languages, allowing governments to move across national barriers to analyze information coming from multiple arenas and sources.