Geospatial Analysis Software to Mitigate National Security Threats

Never before has our government been under so much pressure to locate and control threats to national security. While we cannot speak to specific federal agencies using natural language processing and geospatial analysis to target terrorist organizations, we can explain how Rosoka’s NLP software works to connect people, places, and events across a wide array of documents.

Targeting Individuals and Organizations

Terrorist networks are rarely transparent. With members throughout the world, often operating anonymously or as part of smaller cells, it can be hard to look at news reports, source documents, and other materials to quickly pinpoint the organizations involved in any given threat or event.

Natural language processing software works by distilling the information contained in a multitude of complex documents and data, allowing government agents to draw clear connections between known entities and their contacts. Text documents, websites, social media profiles, and resources in many languages can be filtered to help identify targets and determine whether or not they pose a threat to our nation’s security.

Connecting Entities Around the World

Federal teams and task forces can focus on specific regions, noting individuals or groups of concern in those areas, but when a threat is as far-flung as ISIL, it can be nearly impossible to track entities as they move from one region to another. In order to stay one step ahead, our agents need the most advanced tools to locate threats and determine where they might be headed.

Rather than risk overlooking a critical connection, geospatial analysis tools (like Rosoka’s GeoGravy) can be used to increase awareness of important cities, roads, landmarks, and other geographical data. These tools, in conjunction with NLP software, help create a better picture of the entities and areas behind potential threats.

Turning Big Data into Big Decisions

When government agencies can take the massive amount of text sources they have and quickly extract named entities, locations, sentiments, and associations, they can use that information to isolate and eliminate terrorist organizations and their members. Geospatial analysis and natural language processing tools are critical for both the insight they provide and the speed at which they provide it.

Take a look below to see the latest in Rosoka geospatial analysis, and click here to request a demonstration of our product suite.

Geospatial analysis and natural language processing software work together to eliminate national security threats

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