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Next Generation Natural Language Processing [uNLP™]

Multilingual NLP Solutions

Rosoka Software offers solutions that provide the power to unlock large volumes of information from any multilingual source, determine the relevance and relationship of the data, and deliver value specific results on any platform, application or device. Rosoka NLP and Rosoka GeoGravy are the only NLP and geospatial solutions that are truly multilingual, with the ability to extract information from an unlimited volume of unstructured and semi-structured data from any text based source.

Our Natural Language Processing (NLP) provides much more than Named Entity Recognition. Our entity extraction provides additional information about the entity that was contained in the text, as well as extracting many other bits of important information.

Identify Meaningful Entities

Combining our out-of-the-box Entity Extraction of over 3 dozen different Entity Types with the ability to easily customize to your industry standards, Rosoka accurately identifies important identities that matter to you.


Identify Relationships

We believe that the key to extraction is understanding the relationships between entities.  So we have empowered our software with relationship extraction, allowing you to make actionable decisions.

Identify Locations

We also leverage our linguistic expertise and attribute information to differentiate between multiple places with the same name, such as determining if a reference to "Paris" refers to Paris, Texas or Paris, France.


Understand Sentiment

By measuring the polarity, mood, intensity, and aspect of your text we provide a complete picture of the semantics and pragmatics of the words and linguistic structures used.

This means that you get additional insights into the valence of the text, its emotional quality and an idea about how an entity may react to the text.

Plus, we measure the contextual significance of the words and phrases in your data, so you can determine their relative importance.

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