Benefits of Rosoka Data Extraction

When you want to revolutionize the way your company does business, then you’ll need innovative tools to ensure you can seamlessly organize and retrieve documentation from multiple languages. Rosoka Extraction is our flagship API-driven engine and provides your organization with numerous benefits so that you can work efficiently on a global level, and here we showcase just a few of them.

The universal Natural Language Processing breaks down barriers

With the ability to process over 200 languages simultaneously, you’ll appreciate that you won’t need to know the previous written language of the document or load separate lexicons. We understand that language boundaries can have an adverse impact on organizations from global healthcare to government agencies, and we identify these barriers and use cutting-edge linguistic research to make Rosoka Extraction even more useful.

Rosoka Extraction is customizable

Adding and editing entities and relationships only takes a few clicks, and there are over three dozen entity types, as well as their relationships, that Rosoka can extract. Being able to define your business goals and create entities based on those will save you time and keep information at your fingertips. You can choose entities from employees to organizations, and easily customize them as your goals change. The sentiment metrics are comprehensive and will make the process of conveying phrases, entities, and even the emotion of language, successful.

Document processing is efficient

Rosoka Extraction provides many utilities from licensed based routing to output formatting to rule checking that are all designed for efficiency. These features allow you to easily manage document retrieval and process workflow, and they are accessible through REST web service or Java API.

In-depth training is available to enhance the benefits

If you want to make the most of Rosoka Extraction for your organization and enhance the many benefits it provides, we offer self paced training videos that you can find online, as well as training and certification courses. We know how valuable this tool can be for your business, and we want you to be confident and understand each application to fullest.

Contact us today if you’re ready to learn how to revolutionize the way you do business! We listen to the goals of your company and find the solution that makes sense for your productivity. 

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