Banking and Financial Multilingual Entity Extraction

Financial professionals can’t afford to be constrained by languages or locations; what happens across the world can have a huge impact on finances at home. That’s why many portfolio managers, stock traders, and others in the global banking industry are turning to multilingual entity extraction for up-to-the-minute information and predictive analytics.

Here are just a few ways banking and finance professionals can use a natural language processing software like Rosoka’s to make better business decisions.

Merge with Financial Analysis Tools

By using any one of many available financial analysis tools alongside entity extraction software, professionals can create a better picture of the market. Because Rosoka’s extraction engine is multilingual, it can turn unstructured information from any document, in any language, into organized, actionable data.


Use Sentiment Analysis and Polarity to Understand the Big Picture

When you need to make fast decisions about an ever-changing market, it’s important to know what others are thinking. The sentiments surrounding your data are every bit as important as the numbers themselves, and a good entity extraction tool with sentiment analysis can provide valuable insight.


See into the Future with Predictive Analytics

 While natural language processing and entity extraction can’t replace your crystal ball, you can use predictive analytics to create a better picture of what’s to come. The market will always be subject to surprise changes and fluctuations, but with Rosoka, you can make predictions based on facts, hard data, sentiments, and a multilingual analysis of the world’s markets.


Learn more about how financial advisors and others are using Rosoka to make better informed decisions for their investments. Contact us for a demonstration today!

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