5 Ways Rosoka Can Help Manage Your Brand and Boost Sales

International businesses have the added challenge of dealing with multiple languages and cultures while contending with enormous amounts of data. This can have a big impact on everything from advertising and marketing to hiring and management. If you’re struggling to manage your multilingual data, Rosoka can help.

Do Branding Better – On a Global Scale

It can be difficult to establish a recognizable brand in a small area, let alone in a global market. Our entity extraction software integrates with your own platforms to filter brand mentions, sentiment, and related topics in order to gain a better understanding of your customers. Quickly discover and analyze your successes and see where you need to step up your efforts the most.

Get Your Money’s Worth in Advertising

Measuring ROI is a crucial component of any successful marketing campaign. Natural language processing and sentiment analysis coupled with advanced predictive analytics make Rosoka’s multilingual entity extraction tool a smart choice for global marketing professionals who need to maximize their budgets. Distill your data into manageable, actionable tidbits to see which methods are working best and which need some adjustment. Get a feel for the sentiment surrounding your ads even when there’s a language barrier between the marketing team and the target audience. When you know what’s working, you can stop wasting money on failed efforts and start spending where it counts.

Manage Human Capital the Smart Way

Doing business on a global scale means seeking out talent at home and abroad. Don’t be constrained by the source language of the resumes you receive; use Rosoka’s multilingual NLP to make sense of your application documents. Find and retain the best man or woman for the job, without spending days (and dollars) on expensive translation services, and have more confidence in your human resources management abilities.

Compile and Comprehend Financial Data

Rosoka is a huge help with words, but we don’t fall short in the numbers arena, either. Our entity extraction tools are great at distilling financial documents and data. Manage unstructured information across languages using our software in conjunction with other readily available financial analysis tools, and you’ll be looking at the big picture in no time.

Improve Operational Speed & Get More Done in Less Time

It’s easy to slow the wheels of a large organization so much that they practically stop turning. Your company can keep things moving at a steady pace when you utilize natural language processing software to quickly distill Big Data into actionable insights. Influence Mapping, Geospatial Analysis, and Predictive Analytics help you take things even further – all without sacrificing the limited time and energy your managers have to spend wrestling with data.

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