Entity Extraction & Sentiment Analysis for Public Relations

When you’re responsible for public relations for an important public figure or brand, you can’t afford to miss a single mention. But with ever-expanding media sources, social networks, and documents to review, it can be nearly impossible to keep up with the conversation. Factor in multiple languages for multinational companies and individuals, and public relations becomes even more complicated.

We can help.

Entity extraction and sentiment analysis are two important facets of our multilingual natural language processing software. Using these features, we can help PR teams process information at a pace that will help them keep up with increasing demands on their time and resources.

Know What They’re Saying

Big brands can’t afford to be in the dark. Social media allows individual customers to share their rants and raves at an astonishing rate, and a simple faux pas can destroy a company’s good reputation almost overnight.

Entity extraction allows users to search massive amounts of text data to filter out specific mentions. If you manage public relations for a large company, you can use entity extraction software to find all mentions of your brand – even if those documents are written in another language.

When you know what people are saying, you can address and alleviate any issues to maintain a sense of goodwill surrounding your brand.

Know How They’re Saying It

Simply filtering out your brand name may not be enough. Sentiment analysis allows you to take a deep dive into your data pool – including text documents, web pages, and social media postings – to discern the emotion behind those brand mentions.

Is your brand beloved in Britain? Are you being flayed in France? Quickly take stock of the sentiment behind the text so that your company can respond accordingly.

Understand in Every Language

In today’s increasingly global economy, public relations specialists are faced with the challenge of understanding and responding to text data in multiple languages. Rosoka is the only truly multilingual natural language processing software, which means that it can provide a comprehensive, structured look at unstructured data from around the world.

Managing PR for a global brand is never going to be an easy task, but we can make it a manageable one. When you have an efficient way to find out what’s been said and how, you can focus your efforts on developing the best possible response.

Contact us for a demonstration and let us help you be a true brand ambassador with Rosoka’s NLP software.

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