Rosoka's Advisory Board

We just wouldn’t be where we are today without our awesome advisory board and their wit, charm, and innovative thinking. We’ve got four of the brightest minds guiding and advising us, and they can even have a pretty good sense of humor when they aren’t in the throes of business, negotiations, development, and planning.

Here’s a little about the members of our advisory board (and why we’re lucky to have them):

George Meyers is highly credited, motivated, innovative, and just a pretty fantastic person all around. He’s worked with the federal government for decades and brings some serious experience and knowledge to the table. He crafts acquisition plans exactly the way he brews a cup of coffee – to perfection.

Mark Hegarty has a lot of successes under his belt (and even has the awards to show for it). He’s a natural leader and loves setting new sales records, so be sure you move out of the way when he’s on a mission because he isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

Gene Clouse is cool and calm and quick to solve a problem. He’s got his finger on the pulse of the industry so that he can give solid advice and stay proactive in all aspects of business. He’s not a time waster, and staying ahead of the game is his permanent mode of operation (and trust us – there is no off switch).

Bernie Carpenter is exceptionally wise when he speaks, and he has a thorough understanding of the industry. He's seen a lot, and luckily his memory is sharp because he brings in-depth knowledge to the table that’s unique to everyone else in the room. Basically, if you like losing at trivia, then this is the guy to play with.

We are pretty proud of our Advisory Board, and our entire team at Rosoka. Read more here.

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