Automatic Document Classification & Declassification

Rosoka Software, Inc. teams up with some of the best in the industry to ensure that we’re providing you with useful services that focus on productivity, security, convenience, and control. The mission of our engineers is to construct the most advanced tools that focus on solutions and cutting-edge technology so that your goals aren’t just met, but exceeded. The innovative tools will take your project to the next level, and here we want to discuss the benefits of a state of the art system that will classify and declassify documents in an automatic way.

Saving time

There comes a time when documents go beyond their information half-life and no longer require the classification level that was once bestowed upon them. Our approach is to utilize the best storage and server technology that works seamlessly with Rosoka Extraction. Our product line focuses on extraction and algorithms for over 230 languages:

  • Result prioritization
  • Relationship analysis
  • Acknowledge and suggest markups in security
  • Detect multi-vector sentiments measures

When it comes to Rosoka Extraction, you’ll save time because it is designed to interpret the information and then suggest classification based on the SCG (security classification guide). The content will then be labeled accordingly based on the requirements of the Security Marking Program.


You’ll appreciate using a convenient custom interface to request and search for documents that will compare the credentials of the user to ensure that they meet the access level requirements.

Automatic security markups will be suggested by Rosoka Extraction after the content has been read and examined by the system. The repeatable and adaptable results are understandable because of the rules based design that work from the SCG. You’re able to make small changes that won’t require you to retrain the entire system. By having an easy way to make incremental changes, you will promote growth through modification and customization.


Rosoka knows how critical it is that your automated system to classify and declassify documents to be organized. You’ll be pleased with the color coding process that makes understanding relationships, finding dates, and other valuable information simple. This way, you can focus on the highlighted data that you need rather than spending hours sifting through what you don’t. Everything from the document to the metadata can be evaluated, and because you can track them separately, you can get to the inception of the information.

If you want to learn more about our product line for those in the intelligence community, reach out to our experts today.  Federal organizations, as well as civilian companies and commercial services have found our tools to be invaluable when it comes to moving from the past to the future.


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